Happy loner

Nobody not even a single person dies off loneliness

It’s just the thought of being single and the thought of being loved by somebody that kills you

No one needs nobody to be there with them all the time it’s just the thought of being alone for the rest of your life that keeps killing us

Instead of looking for somebody to love you as much as you love them we should find happiness in every single thing we do for ourselves

Instead of changing for someone we should change the people we hang around with…!!

In love with the darkness

Sitting under the moon light

Feeling the breeze ovr my face

Blowing my hair away

Who says tht the nights r darker?

The moon is there to lighten it up

Who says tht nights r scarier?

When this open sky and stars r there.

Looking at the moon makes me think when ever the stars leave…the moon is still there standing all by itslf brightening up the sky…it didn’t let go off his part jst cause evrybdy left…in this huge sky he is there standing all alone to jst brighten up the nght…fr now oll i can think is…if he is there all by himslf without caring abut othrs…doing his duty…thn y can’t i?

Y can’t i jst be left all alone to be by myslf…to do wht evr i wanna do…cause being alone is wht makes me happier

I wanna be left under an open sky away from oll these ppl who r there just to let yu down

I wanna be left alone watchng the moon all by myslf evry nght

Am in love with the nights like these where i can jst sit under the sky n stare at the moon as if we two r having a conversation nd no bodies arund to interrupt

Nights like these is wht am looking frwrd to

Nights like these r love tht no man’s love in this world can be compared to

Am in love with the moon…!!